One Brand. One Mission.

​​​​Welcome to!
I am Jamillah Jackson, proud owner, founder, and CEO of TWS Brand.
A Hillside, New Jersey native I was always active
 in my community since childhood. Like many Millennials I wanted to do something that served a higher purpuse or calling.
​In 2013 I gave birth to The Wire Scarf™ and never looked back! 
​I invite you to experience a brand truly unlike any other. 
It has always been a passion of mine to help other women and when you combine that with something in fashion for me it was a win-win situation. Women and fashion just go hand in hand. Fashion also gives us a rare moment to convey whatever message we want so why not one of togetherness, cultural appreciation, and solidarity. 
The Wire Scarf started as just a problem solver for my own hair but quickly evolved to a very recognizable empowering staple fashion accessory for many women of all ages. 
The brand just like the scarf, will promote women of excellence who "are strong like the wire yet delicate like the hand picked fabric." 
The women who wear The Wire Scarf™ challenge themselves to be great, support one another, and defy expectations. 
The Wire Scarf is a brand of influence that promotes self esteem and empowerment. 

The Wire Scarf™ is a handmade line with a personal mission to uplift and unite women of all creeds, backgrounds and colors. With custom designed wire scarfs that bend with to any style, The Wire Scarf™ adds personality and sophistication to all fashions.

With a passion to uplift women and their families, The Wire Scarf™ goal is to provide communities with educational and philanthropic opportunities that are executed through sponsored fundraisers.  Creating in reality the "Yes We Can" woman coming together to build ourselves and ultimately the communities we represent. This custom-made accessory line is in partnership with the Women’s Community Initiative and Speak to the Heart Inc. 

The mission of The Wire Scarf™ is to embrace the timeless and classic times through lifestyle and fashion to support entrepreneurship and community advocacy among women around the world.

It's a headband, no it's a hair tie, wait a bow tie, hold on a belt, no it's a symbol of sisterhoods coming together for a better tomorrow starting today!

Peace & Love
Jamillah Jackson, Designer amd CEO