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The Wire Scarf ™
The Wire Scarf™
​"Your very own custom bendable scarf great for all hair types with a mission to uplift one head at a time, it's not just a scarf it's a symbol!" J. Jackson, The Wire Scarf™ Designer & CEO

The Wire Scarf Blog

Everyone is a Star!

by The Wire Scarf Designer on 09/21/14

Yes! It's really true everyone is a star! Here at The Wire Scarf we truly believe that you the clients are the real MVP's and that's why you will become the new stars of! With your pictures (and permission of course) we will feature you on the website. After all The Wire Scarf mission is to become a symbol among woman leaders so why not show them! We have become so inundated with technology we forget the power of simplicity and creativity we all have naturally. You love your pictures and I do too. Let's stay connected and show the world who we are because each of you ladies is a star! Give thanks. Peace. 

New Designs!

by The Wire Scarf Designer on 09/21/14

Here at The Wire Scarf we firmly believe in giving our clients nothing but the best! It has become our personal duty to make a product of superior quality and perfection. It is with much gratitude I introduce to you a new design that now has lining inside to help support and keep The Wire Scarf shape and mold throughout multiple wears. Our commitment to the best of quality healthy hair friendly fabrics has continued to much success. With great anticipation we are now upon yet another launch to introduce The Wire Scarf XL set to hit the market just before the holiday season. Thank you to all of our supporters! Let's connect and stay connected! Feel free to comment and leave suggestions. Give thanks. Peace.

Starting From Scratch

by The Wire Scarf Designer on 09/19/14

When I first started making The Wire Scarf I didn't even have a sewing machine! I was making them by hand and I quickly saw the need to further my skills. I found the perfect sewing machine and made payments every month towards my new equipment. I learned how to sew The Wire Scarf and never looked back. If you would have told me 3 years ago I'd buy a sewing machine, learn to sew, create a product, and introduce it to stores in less than 6 months I would have probably asked if you had been drinking. This journey is still amazing me to this day. The universal laws that conspire and organize to bridge your dreams is nothing short of amazing! I'm most graciously humble and thankful for it all. I've learned to just take action and allow the rest to flow into perfect place. Give thanks.