The Wire Scarf ™
The Wire Scarf™ is a handmade accessory line with a personal mission to uplift and unite women of all creeds, backgrounds and colors. With custom designed wire scarfs that bend with to any style, The Wire Scarf™ adds personality and sophistication to all fashions.

With a passion to uplift women and their families, The Wire Scarf™ goal is to provide communities with educational and philanthropic opportunities that are executed through sponsored fundraisers. This custom-made accessory line is in partnership with the Women’s Community Initiative and Speak to the Heart Inc. 

The mission of The Wire Scarf™ is to embrace the timeless and classic times through lifestyle and fashion to support entrepreneurship and advocacy among women around the world.

It's a headband, no it's a hair tie, wait a bow tie, hold on a belt, no it's a symbol of sisterhoods coming together for a better tomorrow starting today!
The Wire Scarf™
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