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The Wire Scarf ™
The Wire Scarf™
​"Your very own custom bendable scarf great for all hair types with a mission to uplift one head at a time, it's not just a scarf it's a symbol!" J. Jackson, The Wire Scarf™ Designer & CEO

Let's Stay Connected

Welcome to The Wire Scarf Blog!

by The Wire Scarf Designer� on 09/18/14

Welcome to The Wire Scarf™ blog!


Many people ask when did The Wire Scarf™ start and how did the idea come to be. The Wire Scarf™ idea was born August 2012 in my bedroom and became a brand and product in March 2013. The journey is still in the making. So many times we keep the journey to ourselves but this will be ours to share. The mission of The Wire Scarf™ is to become a symbol in a network of woman leaders.